4 Steps to a Successful Commercial Construction Project

While most people only see the results of a commercial construction project, general contractors like Allbrite put a lot of thought into our process.

Step 1: Understand The Problem

Recently, a government client communicated to us that they needed to improve the foundation of an important facility. They wanted to improve the foundation’s stability and indoor-outdoor accessibility. Who better to help than Allbrite, the best commercial concrete contractor around?

Allbrite always begins by getting as much information as possible about how to best complete projects for clients. That process includes meeting with each client to learn about their individual needs and much more.

Step 2: Launch Into The First Phase

Unlike other general contractors, Allbrite speeds into all our projects so you can enjoy the new commercial construction projects you love. On this project, Allbrite began by excavating the existing soil down to grade:

Then the water was treated for compaction, with compaction testing conducted by a third party.

Step 3: Do a good job, the Allbrite Way:

Allbrite then continued the commercial construction process by installing rebar reinforcements and pouring two commercial concrete foundations: 

The care Allbrite puts into its commercial construction renovations makes us the best general contractor around.

Step 4: Finish Strong

Allbrite makes sure to always complete our commercial remodeling jobs to our special, Allbrite-high standards. That’s why we then installed three stormwater catch basins piped together with corrugated stormwater pipe, and subsequently installed gutters around the building with 6 downspouts into the new catch basins.

In the end, our remodeling totaled 6,500 square feet! Work was completed across a total of five divisions: sitework, grading, rebar reinforcement, concrete function, and utilities. In the end, the renovated facility met all the client’s needs: they got to enjoy a more stable foundation and all the indoor-outdoor accessibility they could want. Allbrite always meets the client’s needs.
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